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Borehole pump

A pump is used to extract water or another type of liquid from a borehole. Boreholes are narrow shafts drilled vertically into the ground, usually for the purposes of extracting petroleum, water, or other types of natural gas from below the ground. Franklin’s pumps are suitable for a variety of uses such as agriculture, Industrial or producing water in the village.

Submersible motor

A submersible motor is an electric motor which can operate while being submerged in water. This sealed motor is typically found in use on pumps. Both sump pumps and water wells use a submersible motor to power the pumping mechanism used in the system. Due to the submersion in water, it is critical that all electrical connections be made water-tight to prevent damage to the motor as well as to anyone working on the unit.

Borehole Pump Accessories

Consist of Control Box, motor protection devices (SUBMONITOR) and Other Borehole Pump Accessories.

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